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Internet Marketing

Introduction to Internet Marketing

As a fellow business owner, you know that marketing is important for business growth and in this economic climate this is especially 
More of your business prospects are turning to the Internet to locate businesses in their local area. In fact, according to a Piper 
Jaffray 2008 research paper, 30% of all search engine queries contain a city, state or zip code. 
With approximately 2.6 billion local searches worldwide performed each month, the Internet has now passed print Yellow Pages and 
newspapers as a primary source for local consumer service information and that trend is on the rise.
Searches on the Internet with the new wave of mobile phones (like iPhones and Smartphones) add to these numbers as 27% of all mobile searches are for local information.
Internet Marketing is marketing your business via the internet and utilising the associated advantages of up to date, detailed and virtually unlimited content presented through video, audio and colour graphics. In addition you can send automated emails to your customer database and present your products in a shopping cart to widen your sales reach.
Print promotions while they still have their place, are more expensive, slow, have time limits and limited space. Try using print to direct people to your website. This saves space and money and gives people more information than what you can give in print.
You to build a website for your business, helping you get more traffic to the one you already have or helping you leverage other "web properties" (like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).
There are literally hundreds of different ways that a local business might benefit from an increase in internet exposure but most local 
businesses will get best results from a small handful of these (see sections to follow).
If You Don’t Have A Website, You Still Have Options
While a website has many advantages for your business, there are some other great ways to get internet exposure without one or 
supplement your main website.
Two of the best (and fastest) ways to get in front of your targeted audience is either by creating a custom Facebook Fanpage for your business or by taking advantage of the "local business listings" being offered by Google.
1. Google Places
You can also get exposure and new business direct from Google who gives you a "local business listing" for your business even if you don’t have a website!
Start by going to the Google search engine and filling out the online forms. Submit the form and go through their verification process.
Your listing may take a little time to appear but it allows you double exposure if you already have a site and will boost your ranking if you know how to optimize your listing to get them on the first page for relevant terms to your business.
The "Local Business Results" are a list of businesses with a red pin and their location on a map in the right hand column of the page.
At the top of the page in pink are the paid advertising listings which also appear under the map in the right hand column.
The local listings with the red pins are not always at the top of the search results page but often they are.
2. Facebook Fanpages
Facebook allows businesses to customize their fanpages in a number of ways and doing so is a great idea!
You can add custom graphics to build your brand, videos that excite your visitors and deliver your message in a fresh, new way or 
even add the ability to capture email leads direct from your fanpage!
As Facebook is now getting as much (and in some cases more) internet traffic to its site, there is a great opportunity to use the power of Facebook.
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