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This is where you can list your business for free. Business listings are limited to Tugun and Bilinga.

Click Here to open a How To Get Your Free Tugun Online Listing pdf in a new window or Right Click Here to download to print out.

Option 1 – Free Listing 

Free business listings are limited to 50 words or about 3 lines -

(don't worry, we won't count them, but please don't push the boundaries).

Option 2 – Detailed Listing 

If you would like people to know more about you, we have an upgrade that includes 350 words (20 lines) with a link to your website if you have one.

You also receive a link from the shopping pages to your information in the directory.

This is $30.

Option 3 – Display ad

You might like a display ad that appears on every page of the website as pictured below. (also includes the larger listing as above and three links to your site from the ad, the shopping photo and the listing).  

website profits for you

This option is $60.

Option 4 – Full Page on the Website

You can also get an ad with a full web page on this site (including photos) which people can find in the menu and the sidebar with a contact form connected to your email address.  

Click here for a sample or click here.

This option is $125.

Tugun Directory sample web page

Further Options

And here's my plug…

Affordable Custom Websites

If you haven't got a website, please contact us and we can explain how you can get an interactive site like this with many advanced features included as standard, that most other websites don't have (for more details click here)

These features include -

Email Marketing - an optin form with automated emails for your newsletter or specials to save you lots of time keeping in touch with your customers.

Easy Website Updates – includes a blog for easy updates and the ability to add pages of your own content

Good for getting your site found on the search engines – search engine friendly page content and layout for higher google ranking

Simple uploading of videos to your website – put videos to promote your business on your site easily

Move to the front page of the search engines - I also have some great ways to help you move up the search engine rankings. 

Use Google Maps for great exposure on Page One – very affordable way to get a top listing with Google Maps which means a top of page one google position.

If you have any questions, there is a contact form at the bottom of this page or

call me on 0433 200 478.

Thanks Doug Kercher


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