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Tugun Roadworks nearly finished – but is it any better?

The roadworks at the Tugun Intersection buy buy amoxicillin carisoprodol cod have nearly finished.

Southbound traffic can now turn right into Stewart Road for easier access to the M1.

However the left turn into Stewart Road is going cytotec contraindications to be worse because they have reduced the previous two lanes into one.

How do they think people are going to buy Calming Chews Large Dogs online go from four lanes (two left turn lanes) at Kitchener Street and merge into one going Cheap Propecia past the Shell Service Station?

They had enough room to continue two lanes right into Stewart Road.

What are your thoughts?



Profile of Tugun

I came across some figures that show a profile amoxicillin dosage of the people and suburb of Tugun….


Age Group of Population

40 to 59 29.2%

20 to 39 25.2%

60+ 23.9%

other 21.6%


Country Buy Propecia of Birth

Australia 72.6%

New Zealand 5.1%

UK 4.5%

other 17.7%


Dwelling Structure

Separate House 58.4%

Flat 28.2%

Semi/Terrace 12.6%

other 0.8%


Education Attendance

Not Stated 45.6%

Infants/Primary what is cytotec buy carisoprodol 350 19.8%

Secondary Education 15.9%

other 18.8%


Housing Loan Repayment

$1600 to 1999 15.8%

$2000 to 2999 14.2%

$1200 to 1399 11%

other 59%


Marital Status

Married 44%

Never Married 33.4%

Divorced buy Penisole online 12.1%

other 10.5%


Nature of Occupancy

Fully Owned 35.6%

Purchasing 30.1%

Rented 30%

other 4.3%



Construction 13.7%

Health Care/Social 12.3%

Hospitality 11.2%

other 62.8%



Catholic 25.3%

Anglican 22.2%

No Religion 18.1%

other 34.3%


Transport To Work

Car 67.2%

Did not go to work 11.9%

Car passenger 5.8%

other 15.2%

New Sports Grounds at Tugun

It has been 8 months since the council asked for community feedback about the relocation of the Rugby Leagues Club and the sporting clubs.  The construction of the desalination plant supposedly caused problems with the buildings and the playing amoxicillin antibiotic fields.

Here is an outline of what happened last March -

Betty Diamond Sports Complex Improvement Plan and Relocation of the Tugun Works Depot

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Council proposing to move the Tugun depot to the old Boyd Street quarry?
A: Rugby league and soccer clubs that use the Betty Diamond Sports Complex are running out of space, especially because of the growth in junior players.
Major infrastructure immediately surrounding the sports complex have also restricted opportunities for field expansion.
Council believes the best way to utilise open space, accommodate and support sports growth is to move the Tugun depot to allow for the expansion cytotec 100 mg of the Betty Diamond complex.

Q: Why was the Boyd Street quarry site chosen?
A: Council investigated a number of sites in the southern Gold Coast to accommodate a relocated depot. However, the alternatives were not as suitable as the disused quarry site:
• Tugun landfill site – significant work and cost would be required to ensure underground landfill could sustain development.
Council plans to keep the site operational for some time, and purchasing another site for landfill would require significant public funds
• Currumbin Horse Club – public funds would be needed to purchase an alternative site for the club. It is positioned a long distance from a main road, reducing the efficiency of Council's works services.
• Elanora Treatment Plant – the site is a significant distance from Tugun and adds travel time for works vehicles to a main road, reducing efficiency and increasing cost.
The disused quarry was chosen because of its proximity to the existing depot and service catchment and distance to the Gold Coast Highway. The impact to residential hubs is also minimised by existing vegetation screens.
Q: Why doesn't Council expand the sports fields into the quarry?
A: Council wants to establish competition standard playing fields, quality lighting and spectator facilities for the sports complex expansion. Locating sports fields on the disused quarry would mean players and spectators are next to houses. Most vegetation would need to be removed to create competition standard playing fields, significant earthworks would be required to level the site and player noise and lighting would be an inconvenience for adjoining residents.
Expanding the sports fields onto the current depot site distances the sports buy Voveran SR online fields from residences and allows the vegetation around the perimeter of the quarry to remain, maintaining the visual buffer for adjoining residents.
Most importantly, having two split sports precincts divided by a road, which is anticipated to become busier with the introduction of more residential development in the area, presents safety issues for pedestrians.

Q: What will the new sports complex look like?
A: There are four proposed options for the new sports complex and each can be viewed at Cr Chris Robbins' office, the Coolangatta Library, or online at
Each option contains different layouts of the sporting fields, alternative field sizes, and different locations for clubhouses, spectator facilities and lighting options. The community is encouraged to take the opportunity to view each option in detail.

Q: Is there any environmentally or culturally sensitive areas affected?
A: Council's proposal is in the draft stage. Once the community provides Buy cheap Propecia Online its feedback Council will undertake detailed design to determine exact environmental ana cultural constraints.
The wetland area immediately west of the existing depot, as well as portions of the old quarry site, has been identified in a basic ecological assessment for retention. Further studies will need to be undertaken subject to the selected option. As part of the works, Council would revegetate affected areas, including planting trees on the eastern boundary of the quarry site, providing further screening between houses and the work area.
An Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Agreement may also be required in the event that new sports fields impact on wetlands.

Q: When will work on the new depot start and what will be the hours of construction?
A: Construction of the new depot is planned to start by March 2011 and be completed within eight months. The successful contractor will have to abide by standard working hours of 7am to 5pm. After the new depot has been built, the existing depot will be demolished to make way for the expansion of the sports complex.

Q: What hours does the depot operate?
A: Vehicles leave the depot at approximately 6.30am and work activity ends by 4pm.

Q: How loud will operations be at the new depot?
A: The current buy carisoprodol depot undertakes only minor workshop operations and therefore produces only minor noise levels, and is closed on weekends. The current level of operations will remain consistent at the quarry site.

Q: If more people are expected to use the new sports grounds, where will they park?
A: Options for the improvements to the sports complex include car parking.

Q: How much disruption will there be during construction of the new depot?
A: All construction works cause a level of disruption. However, Council will make sure the successful contractor for the construction of the depot complies with quality assurance practices for noise, dust mitigation, vibration and other standard practices, minimising any impacts on residents. Traffic management plans will also maintain access for residents.

The Tugun Progress Association

The Tugun Progress Association provides a voice and forum for the Tugun Community, its mission is to advance the interests of the Tugun Community, including amoxicillin its residents, ratepayers, businesses and organizations. 

Since its establishment in 1931 the TPA has played an important role in developing our community. The TPA has worked hard to ensure appropriate planning and infrastructure are delivered and the things that make the Southern Gold Coast special buy canadian famvir are nurtured. 

Projects include re-establishing a bank in Tugun, supporting the Tugun Bypass and the proposed Village Centre upgrade. 

It continues to represent buy Zocor online the Community on the Airport Noise Abatement Consultative cytotec fda Committee and is presently working on a 'History of Tugun'. 

The TPA is the Trustee of the only Community owned Hall on the Gold Coast at 433 Golden Four Drive in central Tugun (Tom Atkin Hall). The Hall is available for regular and one off hire. 

Join Order Generic Propecia Online without Prescription now and you will receive emailed newsletters and invitations to our forums and meetings. 

To find out more contact the TPA:

Tugun Road Study

The NSW Government did a study a few months ago about traffic from Cobaki Lakes to Boyd Street. 

The results were supposed to be out in September.

Main Roads Queensland don't buy canada viagra want to build buy Orgasm Enhancer online the interchange at all.

The upgrade of Boyd Street to four lanes won't help our kids cross the road cytotec 200mcg to the recreational areas across the road.

800 cars per day are expected generic amoxicillin online to come from Cobaki each day before they build the four lanes.

That is about 80 cars per hour over a 10 hour period. Probably 120 cars per hour in peak times. That is above the traffic we now have. 

With current traffic, that is maybe 150 cars per hour. Perhaps triple what we have now.

In five minutes that could mean 15 cars queued up trying to get onto the Highway at Kitchener Street.

The intersection with the Gold Coast Highway just isn't up to handling that kind of traffic.

And our kids will have a hard time crossing Boyd Street.









Cheap Propecia

Tugun Progress Association Meeting

The TPA is holding a meeting at the Tugun Progress Hall on Monday 15th February to discuss cytotec dosing the use of Boyd Street as the main access buy Viamax Maximizer online to the buy Buy cheap Propecia Online buy evista Cobaki Lakes Residential development.

This increased traffic on a Queensland suburban street will affect local traffic, access amoxil buy by children to the sports fields and people going to the hospital.

You are welcome to put forward your views

Our local MP and councillor will be in attendance.

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