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Tugun Road Study

The NSW Government did a study a few months ago about traffic from Cobaki Lakes to Boyd Street. 

The results were supposed to be out in September.

Main Roads Queensland don't buy canada viagra want to build buy Orgasm Enhancer online the interchange at all.

The upgrade of Boyd Street to four lanes won't help our kids cross the road cytotec 200mcg to the recreational areas across the road.

800 cars per day are expected generic amoxicillin online to come from Cobaki each day before they build the four lanes.

That is about 80 cars per hour over a 10 hour period. Probably 120 cars per hour in peak times. That is above the traffic we now have. 

With current traffic, that is maybe 150 cars per hour. Perhaps triple what we have now.

In five minutes that could mean 15 cars queued up trying to get onto the Highway at Kitchener Street.

The intersection with the Gold Coast Highway just isn't up to handling that kind of traffic.

And our kids will have a hard time crossing Boyd Street.









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